Business Support

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Business Support

Certified public accountants at Broussard & Company see business support as one of their most important responsibilities.  A successful business is more than an operation that provides a great service to its clients.  A successful business also plans for financial success and manages its finances to maintain a stable cash flow.

At Broussard & Company we help our clients by performing and supporting their business planning and management efforts.

Business Budgeting

Inaccurate or non-existent budgets inhibit your business’s ability to accurately track its performance or anticipate future expenses.  Our accounting business analysts use your past financial performance along with your industry and area trends to create a reasonable budget that works for you.


Smoothly operating, traditional bookkeeping is an elusive service to many businesses as educational focus on the details needed for bookkeeping operations becomes more rare.  The full-time bookkeeping staff at Broussard & Company apply standard accounting practices with a customized approach for your business which enables you to perform your daily bookkeeping operations with oversight from our Certified Public Accountants.

Cash Flow Planning

When your Accounts Receivable does not convert into usable cash in a timely manner, a frustrating financial strain on your otherwise successful business occurs.  Our accountants create models to help identify and predict your cash flow and to assist you with planning that keeps your cash position healthy.


Broussard & Company has a dedicated payroll team that works remotely with your software and systems to collect and manage your payroll data.  We process your payroll from time collection to direct deposit into your employees’ bank accounts.

CFOs, Controllers & Accounting Staff

Segregation of duties is important in safeguarding your business assets.  Organizations in which a single or small group of individuals control the ability to bill, receive money, and pay bills are most susceptible to theft, fraud, and innocent mistakes which result in fines or money loss.

Broussard & Company assists organizations by augmenting their staff with external personnel to assist not only with performance of accounting duties but also the provision of segregation of duties necessary for responsible accounting management.

Financial Projections

The ability to create accurate financial projections is both an art and a science. The more experience the person preparing the projections has, the more reliable those financial projections prove to be.

Many of the CPA’s at Broussard & Company have over 20 years of experience analyzing business data and creating financial projections that help businesses assess both their short-term and their long-term goals.