Cost Reports

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Cost Report Preparation

Broussard & Company has over 40 years of experience preparing and reviewing annual cost reports.  Our cost report team provides a details checklist of information needed to complete your cost report then we take it from there.  We deliver your cost report for submission as well as an analytical review of your data to assist you with financial and decision making.

Cost Report Preparation

Medicare Cost Reports

Medicare certified healthcare providers are required to submit an annual cost report to government Medicare services.  Failure to comply with this requirement results in stiff penalties and possible disqualification from receiving Medicare reimbursement for services rendered.

The healthcare accounting professionals at Broussard & Company, CPA’s specialize in the collection of financial data from healthcare providers and the fast preparation of Medicare Cost Reports.

We are Healthcare Providers Too

Many of the divisions of The Broussard Group, our parent company, are healthcare providers.  Working with our business parenters, Broussard & Company has developed a unique insight into the laws and regulations governing healthcare which helps us not only produce excellent Cost Reports but also advise providers with best practices for how they offer related services.