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Government Audit & Accounting

It is important for government entities to be transparent and to closely follow the laws and regulations for reporting and compliance.  Broussard & Company has performed hundreds of government audits and engagements and specializes in the reporting requirements of state and local governments.

Some of the organizations we serve:

State Agencies & Municipalities

State and local agency managers are under great pressure to make the most of the funds provided to them and to report on these activities with precision.  From cash management to producing timely financial statements, government agencies are always on a deadline.

Government Accounting Support

Broussard & Company specializes in providing proactive support to government entities and assisting them with control review and audit activities.

Some of the ways we assist government agencies include:

  • Budgeting
  • Internal controls
  • Financial auditing
  • SOC auditing
  • Forensic / fraud auditing
  • IT risk assessments

Internal Control Reviews

Internal Controls help organizations guide employees with efficient repeatable processes. They also provide instruction for segregation of duties and preventative controls to protect from fraud.

Our Internal Control reviews help government agencies find loopholes in their procedures as well as ways employees may bypass security.  The goal of an Internal Control review is to help prevent fraud and to identify areas of efficiency gain which can save money.

Financial Statement Audits

State and local agencies often require an independent Financial Statement Audit to assess the fairness and accuracy of issued financial statements.

Broussard & Company has over 40 years of experience auditing state and local governments and we are able to work with managers as a responsive partner.