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IT Risk Management

Risk Assessment

Effective technology has evolved from a way to do business faster to a business requirement.  With great reliance upon IT to run your business, you are now more vulnerable than ever to inside and outside risks to your business, finances, and data.

Broussard & Company assists organizations by ensuring their IT infrastructure and processes are as secure as possible by performing an IT Risk Assessment.  The risk assessment will identify internal and external threats to your IS assets as well as compliance risks, then provide recommendations on how to address or mitigate these threats.

Risk Management

An IT Risk Management plan helps businesses survive man-made and natural disasters through the creation of Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans.  Planning to manage risk is critical to business survival should it ever fall to a threat such as:

  • Natural Disaster – hurricane, fire, flood
  • Cyberscurity
  • Ransomware
  • Accidental Data Loss
  • Internal Bad Actor

Cybersecurity Audit

Even with powerful local firewalls and current anti-virus software, evolving threats in cyber-security can turn the most secure network and servers into prey for bad actors.  Broussard & Company’s technology team performs cyber-security audits that analyze Information Systems for over 8 million known threats and millions of additional anomalies to determine your business readiness to withstand cyber-security threats and data loss.

Security Risk Assessment

Healthcare providers and their Business Associates must undergo regular Security Risk Assessments as a part of their HIPAA security requirements.  Broussard & Company auditors and IT professionals specialize in HIPAA and healthcare Information Systems audits and analyze and ensure covered entities are meeting over 140 HIPAA safeguard rules.

In addition to performing a HIPAA SRA, our auditors will make reasonable suggestions to resolve audit issues as well as assist your organization with developing custom policies and procedures to meet your HIPAA compliance requirements.

Meaningful Use Reporting

Covered entities participating in the Medicare and Medicare EHR incentive program must undergo and submit annual Meaningful Use Reports to comply with program requirements.  The Broussard & Company healthcare audit team assists healthcare providers with preparing for a Meaningful Use audit and then we perform the audit and issue a report to be submitted for plan compliance.