Risk Advisory

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Risk Advisory Services

Because businesses face risk from external actors, employees, finances, regulators, and competitors in their industry, Broussard & Company takes a comprehensive view of our clients’ business to help identify risk and then create a plan to manage it.

Internal Audit

The goal of an internal audit is to identify financial, IT, and operational risk that could impact your business with loss of profits, property, or prestige. An internal audit functions much like a required external audit except that the ultimate consumer is the business itself.

Our internal audit team will work closely with your departments in order to identify issues and create a remediation plan that empowers your business in dealing with problems before they result in a negative impact.

IT Risk Advisory

Broussard & Company uses our team of IT professionals and technology auditors to identify technology risk stemming from:

  • Software deployments
  • Information System changes
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Network topology changes

Internal Controls

As companies change their processes and technology, remember that business policies, procedures, and internal controls need  to change as well.

Many organizations lack the time and resources for a proper evaluation of the impact of changes to their systems and controls.  Accounting professionals from Broussard & Company study your business to better understand why you do what you do. We then put in place necessary procedures and controls to facilitate smooth business operations and prevent theft and fraud.