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Tax Law Changes

There is nothing easy about the “simplified” tax code.  The CPA’s and accountants at Broussard & Company are continuously researching changes in tax laws to develop advantageous tax strategies to help our clients.  Both businesses and individuals benefit from our CPA’s who endeavor to understand client concerns and align them with our tax planning and preparation.

Federal Income Tax

Federal income tax planning and preparation is a critical part of a business’s fiduciary responsibility.  For most businesses, this is a continuous process of planning, projecting, then executing an effective federal tax strategy.  Broussard & Company tax professionals stay current with evolving tax laws and adjust client strategies to meet the evolving tax landscape.

State and Local Tax

Like Federal income tax, State Tax and Local Tax laws are varied and complex.  This is particularly the case for businesses that span multiple municipalities and states.

Broussard & Company CPA’s tax services follow our clients to every state and local municipality in which they work to create the most advantageous tax plan possible while strictly following IRS compliance guidelines.

Individual Tax Services

Our tax services are not neglectful of individuals in need of Federal Income Tax and State Income Tax services.  Our individual tax services include:

  • Income Tax Planning
  • Income Tax Preparation
  • IRS & State Audit Representation
  • Tax Authority Audit Management 

Estate Tax & Trust Tax

Broussard & Company CPA’s specialize in helping high net worth individuals manage their estate, gift, and trust taxes.  We create tax plans that assist individuals with wealth management.  Our estate and trust tax services include:

  • Estate Planning & Administration
  • Preparation of Estate, Gift, and Trust Income Tax Returns
  • Trust Accounting

Non-Profit Tax Services

Broussard & Company is one of the largest not-for-profit tax services firms in Lake Charles.  In addition to consulting for non-profits, our tax services include:

  • Form 990 Preparation & Filing
  • State Filing Requirements
  • Sales Tax Requirements